What do I do?

I work with small to medium, start up, high tech companies who are struggling to find the RF design engineering skills that they need in house, and are concerned at the potentially high cost of hiring a permanent employee with the attendant risk.

As an RF/Microwave design engineer I am dedicated to helping you bring in the design expertise that you need, in particular the areas of RF design.

  • 50 Years of Knowledge
  • Design Expertise
  • Added Value
  • Support & Advice
  • Commercial Advantage

I really enjoy sharing my 50 years of knowledge in this field and helping my clients develop the intellectual property and design solutions that they will need to be successful, so that they can concentrate on building their business.

To me the most important aspect of my work is that the technology brings commercial advantage to your business – no amount of radio technology is worthwhile if it does not add value and bring profit to your business or your shareholders. For this reason, I like to focus on helping high tech companies who struggle with complex RF and microwave design projects, and who are looking for the expertise and design help that I can bring in to your organization.

My clients are typically companies that lack the in-house expertise and are looking for help on a project or consultancy basis, so that they can develop products and designs as cost effectively and as quickly as their market demands.

RF engineering is something I really enjoy doing and I am dedicated to working with you to provide you with the support, advice and expertise that you need to succeed for the long term.

If you would like more details of my experience, my background and what others have said about working with me then please check out my LinkedIn profile.


Office: (44) 1603-339 122


Sackville Place, 44-48 Magdalen Street,
Norwich, NR3 1JU. UK